Monday, 9 February 2015


Andy Moralee's recovery in Paraiso hospital is short lived. Less than days after his re-awakening, he returns to his platoon just in time to deploy on a mission that will take him and his men far deeper into the Bosque than they have ever ventured before. The Guard are resuming their offensive, mounting a daring raid against an enemy stronghold close to the border with Europa, and Recce Platoon have been given a pivotal role within the operation.

But after a catalogue of errors and unfortunate coincidences, it quickly becomes apparent that there is more to their mission than meets the eye. Somebody doesn't want them to succeed, somebody working from amongst the local population- and within the Guard itself...

Surrounded by a bloodthirsty horde of Loyalist Militia and undermined by an enemy hidden amongst their supposed allies, Andy and his platoon must hold their nerve in the face of rapidly shifting odds, or else succumb to chaos.

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