Wednesday, 29 January 2014


"He did it again what a great book!" - Jeremiah Putney on
"Great read!" - KWXP on
"Spanking good read!" - Neil on
"Brilliant" - Weezy on

"What a damn good read!" - slip210 on

"From start to finish an awesome book" - Lewy4422 on
"Phillip Richards has done it again!" - Mr. M. Flynn on
"Awesome!" - SANDIMUS on
"The best of the series so far. Ooorah!!" - DennisL on
"Good job, Mr Richards. Good job." - Preacher on
"I read the book in two days, now I need to catch up on my sleep." - Mary E. Dansa on
"Excellent description of small unit tactics" - Gary J Smith

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  1. Concur with the rest of the group here. Eden moves Andy's story forward very nicely. Thanks for letting him catch a bit of a break at the end after such a tough slog. I'll be looking forward to whatever comes next.